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Essential Training Group provide universal health and social care training derived from over 50 years’ collective care experience and are endorsed by skills for care. We take personal pride in delivering all levels of training to increase staff knowledge ranging from new starter level through to management.

We believe that immersion in real life simulations will impact upon participants, a greater understanding of the individuals they care for, the difficulties they face, and the care they rightly deserve. We provide a bridge to close the gap between what is necessary and what care is really about, supporting you in raising the standards of care across your organisation.
Our educators excel at tailoring courses and creating champions for and within your organisation, focused on your bespoke individual needs. We are leading the way in training innovation, we strive to ignite appreciation for individuals, their surroundings, and the role each care professional plays in the care journey.

Participants return to their organisations with informed and reactive care communications and practices, that will directly raise the standard of care.
Essential Training Group believe that inspiring appreciation and understanding of what individuals really need and complementing care professionals’ existing knowledge is essential to optimise their role, it’s importance and the affect it has on the individuals they care for.

In accordance with our continuous investment in high quality training, our new state-of-the-art Essential Training Academy based at the Essential Enterprise Village in Yorkshire, will open in January in 2018.

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Essential Training Innovation

Champions Courses
Champions bridge the gap between carers and managers, they engage their entire team and management with relevant and up to date, skills, practices and knowledge. The Champion is a team leader or senior staff member who will take direct responsibility for their area of speciality and will work alongside their manager to maintain the fundamental standards as set by the Care Quality Commission in the UK.
Champions courses provide managers with care specialists and a way to progress staff from their organisation into roles of responsibility. We provide in-depth, practical, accredited training in the core areas of Dementia, Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Safe People Handling, Infection Prevention and Control, Safeguarding Adults and Nutrition. Champions in each of these areas will return to their organisation more driven, engaged and focused on sharing their knowledge and skills, ensuring all staff deliver the highest quality of care.

Dementia Specialist

We know that managers and their staff want the individuals they care for to receive the highest quality of care within increasingly challenging budgets. With this in mind we are proud to offer our expertise in the specialist area of Dementia care. Dementia prevalence in individuals is increasing and “research into the condition still only receives around three per cent of the government’s medical research budget”. *

We have developed courses that will enhance and engage care professionals who seek advanced training and to become Dementia advocates within their team and organisation. Informative, up to date and relevant skills, practices, technology and principles delivered locally, will create valuable advocates who can support their care environment and each other.

We believe that support through specialist training will help increase the awareness of effective Dementia care and continue the conversation across the UK, leading to a greater understanding and improvement in care for those suffering with Dementia.

*Source: Medical Research Council Annual report and accounts 2013/14 and NIHR Annual Report 2013/14.

  • “I can highly recommend Essential Training Solutions and Catherine Parker’s ability to deliver concise, practical, and theoretical training. Catherine’s teaching style is inclusive and friendly, and I have always thoroughly enjoyed my time on her courses.”

    Andrew. D. Crabtree BA
    Registered Manager, Ladies in Waiting, Crabtree Care Homes.
  • “Essential Training Solutions and Catherine’s person centred approach and flexibility to working with our organisation has enabled our company achieve the high level of training for our staff we require.”

    Amanda Foster
    Compliance Manager, Caremark (East Riding)
  • “Catherine Parker and Essential Training Solutions are authentic and truly passionate about the delivery of excellent care standards. Catherine possesses a remarkable insight into other peoples’ needs; she has an elusive anticipatory foresight that makes her a truly unique trainer.”

    Anita Sutton
    Director, New Age Care Services