5th October 2016

World Teachers’ Day: Interview with Rebecca


World Teachers’ Day has been held annually on October 5th since 1994, its purpose being to commemorate teachers across the globe.

As a trusted training provider who offer bespoke courses, we understand the importance of providing quality education and the impact it has on those working in care, or wanting to work in care.

To celebrate, we wanted to find out what teaching at Essential Training Group is like, so we interviewed our Senior Health and Social Care Trainer, Rebecca Carr.

What made you want to go into teaching?

I’ve been in the care sector for a while and when I first became a carer, I hadn’t received a level of training like this. If I had the training, it would have made my experience as a new carer, and the service user’s experience of my care, a lot better.

When you’re working within the community and visiting different places, it’s not often, but there can be a time where you identify some unintentional bad practice. So I really wanted to start at the beginning. If I can make an impact, so that at least one person isn’t doing bad practice anymore, then that’s me making a difference.


What do you like about being a tutor?

I get to see lots of different people and meet loads of people with different skills and experiences. Although I’m teaching, I’m still learning myself about different personalities and how to manage different situations. No one day is ever the same.

What qualities do you think are essential to have as a teacher? 

I think you’ve got to be laid back and approachable, because if you’re uptight in front of people and they pick up on it, then they won’t learn.

You’ve got to be flexible. Not one person learns the same way, so you have to judge your assessments on each individual student that you have.

But one of the biggest things is that you’ve got to have the skills, experience and knowledge within the sector. You can’t stand in front of people and not know what you’re talking about and expect to be able to answer any questions that they may have. And to deliver in the workplace, you have to be a dual professional. That means that you need competency within the fields that you are delivering but you also have to have the teaching qualification in order to meet regulations.

What’s the best thing about your job?

There’s so many different things. Just coming to work is a good part of my day, thanks to the people that I work with and the different people I get to meet.

At Essential Training Group, our message is ‘Together we will make a difference’. So you feel that you’ve had an impact on the students that you’ve taught?

Yes. I feel like I’ve made an impact, I feel like we all do. By everyone being consistent and providing quality training, that’s not only going to change the carer’s lives and make their jobs easier, but it’s going to impact the person that’s receiving the care as well.

I like our structure as a group of companies overall because everybody has the same vision. Everybody wants to provide a quality service for the users of each service and I like how it all compliments each other and how everyone works together. I genuinely do believe that together we will all make a difference.

A massive thank you to Rebecca for sharing her experience with us, and of course, a massive thank you to all of our dedicated team at Essential Training Group!

If you would like to find out more about our upcoming courses, click the link: http://www.essential-training-uk.com/courses/list/

Happy World Teachers’ Day!

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  • “I can highly recommend Essential Training Solutions and Catherine Parker’s ability to deliver concise, practical, and theoretical training. Catherine’s teaching style is inclusive and friendly, and I have always thoroughly enjoyed my time on her courses.”

    Andrew. D. Crabtree BA
    Registered Manager, Ladies in Waiting, Crabtree Care Homes.
  • “Essential Training Solutions and Catherine’s person centred approach and flexibility to working with our organisation has enabled our company achieve the high level of training for our staff we require.”

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  • “Catherine Parker and Essential Training Solutions are authentic and truly passionate about the delivery of excellent care standards. Catherine possesses a remarkable insight into other peoples’ needs; she has an elusive anticipatory foresight that makes her a truly unique trainer.”

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